Wednesday, June 24, 2009

best moments

I'm sitting at home bored as, rifling through my uni papers from last semester when i came across a homework sheet from my professional and creative communications class. The task on this particular sheet of paper jogged a memory in my mind that made me smile, so I've decided to make a list of some funny crap that's happened this year so I can remember the fun times when I'm feeling alone and uninspired.
So, this happened in my PCC1 tutorial where there was this girl who was super sweet and friendly, but she had a habit of making a fool out of herself in front of the entire class. The particular scenario goes like this:
Lecturer: "Ok for this weeks homework i want you guys to download and read a poem from the Lingua Franca website"
Girl: "hey isn't that the chick who sings r.e.s.p.e.c.t?!"
Random "No that would be Aretha Franklin"

That memory then jogged another forgotten funny moment from year 12 Psychology class:

Mrs Toogood: "Ok does anyone know who Sigmund Freud was?"
Boy: "Isn't that one of the dudes with the tigers?!"
Random: "No that would be Sigfried and Roy"

You don't realise how much you create fun from nothing when you're trapped at school all day, everyday, plagued with extreme boredom but surrounded by the best friends you'll ever have. Those types of moments are hard to recreate the older that you get, but here are a few that have happened this year. I doubt if anyone but my best friends will remember all of these:

"I can speak Spanish...Porqeno los dos?"

"Oh my a-god"

"Shit!" (Back to the future 3)

"One day my hands will stay that way Alex, will you still love me then?!" (this moment even went on to have a song written about it haha)

"Stocked face!"

"that's for my son"

"Oh, they're like the most christian band ever" "...more christian than Hometime?!"


"Y'all laughed at me, y'all laughed at me!"

"...pass to Mark" "You cannot pass!"

"I sense some pain behind those eyes"

"I'll have a coke"

""Where's my family...give me back my family" (Harrison Ford)

"Don't you guys know a love heart when you see one?" "Nicole that's a smiley face"(ah, Jason Mraz on the way to Mannum)

"Oh how about this one" " he's not two" "uh... pretty sure he is"

'Bob Saget!'

'Shirlena?!' *In most hick voice possible*

"How do you like that beanie action?" "...The beanie doesn't work miracles"


"I don't mean to alarm you but there's a spider above your head. don't panic though it's like really really small" "........AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" "oh it's ok i'll get it, i'll get it" "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" *swerves car madly*

"cool whered you get it?" "Ebay" *in transformers voice*

"He's just had a baby" "Oh so he was the guy on the news?"

'Mary Kane Jelly'

ahhh good times with great people.

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