Sunday, November 28, 2010

The right song

I have just finished Uni for the year, which means more time to craft, write and do the things I enjoy again! One of the first things I've endulged in is watching a bunch of my favourite movies and I've noticed that pretty much all of them have one of those moments of clarity wher just the right song plays and it makes you wanna laugh, cry and fall in love with the characters. I think it is a requirement for a film to have one of those moments to be considered one of my favourites :)
I've been bored on YouTube all morning, so here is a short list of some of those moments that I consider exceptional:

1. When Ritche first sees Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums. I think my love for Nico and the song These Days adds to my obsession with this scene. It is perfect in a Wes Anderson kind of way. By way of the Green Line bus...

2. Another Wes Anderson moment. The opening scene of The Darjeeling Limited when Adrien Brody is epic slow motion running to catch the train to the sound of the Kinks sets the tone for the whole film. The ending is also another favourite moment. This scene unfortunately isn't on YouTube so here's the trailer featuring the same song

3. The final scene in Lost In Translation where Bob whispers in Charlotte's ear and she starts crying and he gets back in the car ans says 'alright' with a sigh while Just Like Honey by The Jesus and Mary Chain plays. One of the most beatiful romantic scenes ever.

I'll be your plastic toy

4. This one isn't quite as special or romantic but I absolutely love the use of 99 luftballoons in the Watchmen dinner scene. The opening title sequence where Bob Dylan's The Times they are a-changing plays to the demise of the Minutemen is also pitch perfect for me.

the dinner scene

5. This one doesn't specifically have a great song attached to it but I had to put it in as it's one of my favourite scenes in a film ever. It is of course the end of Amelie where she's crying because she thinks she's lost Nino to Gina and she is baking and she imagines him touching the beads but it is only the cat, and then he is there and it is perfect. Also Yann Tiersen's piano soundtrack throghout the film is amazing. My favourite movie closely follwed by number 6...

6. The scene in Garden State where Sam and Andrew meet in the hospital and she shows him New Slang by The Shins. Everything about this movie is the greatest, and this scene is the best of the best for me. From having one of my favourite songs by the coolest band to two amazing actors in a stunningly real film written and directed by Zach Braff. Perfect.

7. That wonderful Tiny Dancer scene from Almost Famous where the band nearly breaks up and then they're in the bus and Elton John comes on and the mood changes and it is, again, perfect. 'You are home...'

Of course there are so many more scenes I could add, to me pretty much the whole films Science of Sleep, 500 days of summer, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Ghost World make it in here too. Also everything else by Wes Anderson!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today I:

  • Recieved an amazing puzzle-letter from my best friend
  • baked a gluten free lemon cake
  • finished the roll of film in my Diana Mini

  • wrapped Nick's present and made him a birthday card

  • made seven envelopes out of old little golden books

  • wrote one letter

  • attempted to make a feel-good mix for Nicoles car but got stuck on 7 songs

  • and told myself I'd start blogging again.

Sometimes it's good to have a day home & get stuff crossed off the list
even if they don"t seem to be the important things.