Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my literary obsessions

Sometimes I get really really attached to a book and I don't know why but it stays in my list of favourites for a long time. Like for a while I was obsessed with My Friend Leonard, the second book to James Frey's A Million Little Pieces. After I read the books James Frey was in that huge Oprah scandal because A Million Little Pieces was marketed as a memoir and Oprah put her special bookclub seal of approval on it, but then it was revealed that he only spent hours in jail and his girlfriend didn't hang herself she actually slit her wrists and some other crap. I guess people felt cheated that they bought into this being his life story when in fact he was writing about the person he imagined himself to be. But I didn't care, I still liked the book as a work of fiction as much as I did when it was labelled a biography because there was this one line near the beginning of My Friend Leonard where he says:
'No matter how bad or difficult life becomes , if you hold on, hold on to whatever it is you need to hold on to, be it religion, friends, a suport group, a set of steps or your own heart, if you hold on, just hold on, life will get better.'
And there was someting about this line that i needed to hear at that time in my adolescence. I though it was beautifully, tragically poetic. And i guess it didn't matter if it happened in someone's real life or not because it was there. And in that moment i knew that atleast one person had been more messed up than i was and they'd made it through. So that's why that bookwas in my top 5 for about four years, but now i think it's been knocked off the list by The Perks of Being a Wallflower!

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