Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have never believed in god

but when I was little and got Deja Vu i used to think that we all simultaneously lived out our one lifetime on a loop and that's why things i had never seen were so damn familiar.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I accept that it is an internal struggle between who you are and who you want to be. I feel like I have dealt really well with the change I have been through this year and I haven't flipped out in ages. Some things make you remember how easily you can slip back into that void, and although I have been over it for so long there's still that heightened awareness that you could be standing perilously close to the edge and not even know it.
I think everybody has this one period in their life between teenage and adulthood where you freak out and realise that you have absolutely no idea what is supposed to happen next. Mine came in 2007.
I think once you get over it you've grown and whether you like it or not, you know yourself better than you ever could when you were blissfully oblivious - you know that you are both internally resilient and crushingly fragile at the same time, and you know that there's nothing wrong with that.
It means you're human.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

not long now

Where the Wild Thing are comes out soon and I'm pretty freakin syked, not only is this one of my favourite children's picture books ever but the screenplay was written by Dave Eggers, my second favourite author ever. Looks like a bit of a hit or miss though...
think I'll cry if it's not good.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

You know

My favourite thing when a band I love release a new album (aside from the album itself and the prospect that they may tour here) is buying all the magazines that they feature in. I have about 5 magazines with Brian Fallon on the cover from when the '59 Sound came out and I have about 20 from various stages in My Chemical Romance's career (but that's another story for another time haha.) So I was pretty stoked when the first of many interviews with Jesse Lacey was posted on Spin. I would kill to interview that man.
Let the collecting commence!
(P.S. Yes I'm a freak who enjoys making lists, analysing children's literature and, of course, collecting.)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

oh my a god x2

Everyone is ripping into this record already from just a 30 second clip that was posted of At The Bottom. I am a bit pessimistic as Vinnie wrote the majority of this album but pretty sure I'm gonna wait for it to drop before I make any assumptions. If The Devil and God is anything to go by then Daisy will take quite a few listens before any conclusions can be made.
Still fricking syked!
Hurry up September 22nd

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just take a deep breath and close your eyes for a while

So I’ve just started my second semester of Uni and it’s mainly made up of core courses that pretty much contain ‘how to write a resume’ and ‘what is globalisation?’ but my sub-major is Children’s Literature, and although I have no idea where It’s going (my course doesn’t exactly tie in) I’ve really been enjoying it. I’m now contemplating switching to an education course and maybe one day becoming a Children’s Librarian.

Uni isn’t really what I expected it to be, the work can be hard but fulfilling and my campus is fine, but I guess I thought the people would be more open-minded, mature and creative. It’s still so much better than highschool but my point is that no matter where you go there are always the popular kids who wear way too much bronzer, only care about planning their weekend and have their parents pay their way through an education they do not care the slightest about. For example, there’s this goth girl in one of my lectures who finds it imperative to wear a headband with cat ears attached every single day. I admit she is pretty fricking weird but If she’s not annoying you, or even talking to you, then there’s no fucking reason to snigger loud enough for her to audibly hear when she stands up to talk in-front of the class.

Ok so that kinda turned into a negative rant but my point is that I’ve finally realised there’s nowhere in public where you can escape these kinds of ass-holes, not even if it’s supposedly the most open-minded, creative institution in the world. There will always be those types of mainstream, beauty-obsessed people, and the sooner you tune them out the more peaceful and meaningful your life will be.