Thursday, July 2, 2009

May Day

Note: there's not really a theme to this update I just thought I'd open a new post and start typing about the last week.
So all my creative energy lately has been going into the second issue of my zine 'Stay Gold', ( I know, the title is a blatant Outsiders reference but I was crazy obsessed with that book at the time) I'll probably upload some pics once I've finished the layouts. So far I've finished 3 band interviews and my intro page but I'm not sure what to put on the cover... I'm also stumped for rants, because this blog has been my outlet for anything column-ish I would usually write, maybe I'll recycle some older posts? Apart from that I'm waiting on an interview I'm getting back from the band tonight (or i guess tomorrow morning is 'tonight' in Europe?) and have one other layout to do for a reprint. I'm not doing any reviews because they're just silly and no one wants to know my opinion on music anyway, I'll have lists of stuff to check out instead. And then I'll be done! I'm gonna make this zine free again too 'cause I can scab photocopying & stamps from my mums work hehe.

Aside from working on the zine I've been sitting around the house in my pyjamas posting random twitter updates, watching Degrassi and playing Sims 3 (made an epic Grim Reaper family...god I'm bored!) I've also been living socially through my best friend, getting her to tell me funny crap that happens at work and visit me every morning to watch repeats of Dr. Phil. I'm literally turning into a crazy cat lady without the cat part.
I've also been trying to find a novel that is as inspiring as The Perks of Being a Wallflower and written with the same type of audience in mind. So far I've been unsuccessful but I'm making a library trip tomorrow and hopefully will find this book by John Green that I've wanted to read for a while.

On that note I'll wrap things up with a quote from my favourite writer (I collect quotes that inspire me incase you haven't noticed! I also have a habit of giving posts the names of books when there are no references in the post at all to that particular literary work. My bad.)

"... boredom, disgust, the monotony of time, the turbidity of events, sank into a vague background before which glittering cobwebs formed. Things became reconciled to themselves, things lay quietly on their shelves; the troubles of the day arranged themselves in trim formation and at his curt wish of dismissal, marched off and disappeared. And with the departure of worry came brilliant permeating symbolism."

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