Thursday, August 13, 2009

You know

My favourite thing when a band I love release a new album (aside from the album itself and the prospect that they may tour here) is buying all the magazines that they feature in. I have about 5 magazines with Brian Fallon on the cover from when the '59 Sound came out and I have about 20 from various stages in My Chemical Romance's career (but that's another story for another time haha.) So I was pretty stoked when the first of many interviews with Jesse Lacey was posted on Spin. I would kill to interview that man.
Let the collecting commence!
(P.S. Yes I'm a freak who enjoys making lists, analysing children's literature and, of course, collecting.)


  1. im totally with you on this. and the making lists thing. i even have a "list pad" which is just a note pad that i write all my lists on lol too far?

  2. hahaha not too far, Nicole has this theory that there is a secret room in my house where i must hide all my lists!