Wednesday, September 16, 2009

and now

so i bought these old records for 50cents each and i was syked on turning them into bowls and vases on the holidays, and the sleeves into scrapbooks and cards. But then i really looked at them; the scratches from playing over the years, the grooves where you can tell one song was more loved than others, the coffee stains and jagged corners. And it made me sad because because someone once loved this music so much and now they're probably gone, and all that's left of the soundtrack to their life is a bunch of outdated records that sit in a bin at the back of a store, on sale for less than the price of a stamp.
I told this all to my best friend.
"and now the only reason people buy them is to wreck them" she said.
And now i can't bear to tear them apart.
And now i want to go back and buy more.
And now i think about the fact that when i die the music i treasure so much will proabaly be thrown out by kids who don't give a fuck about vinyl.
And it makes me want to save these people's treasures
And maybe one day someone will do the same for me.
And now i wonder why
And now i know why, it's because i am endlessly drawn to anything or anyone that contains an unknown history.

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